Campaign Curios

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Private Journal

Little disclaimer, folks. No idea how this is gonna be formatted. Excuse a little mess. These are journal entries made...on the road, wherever; ramblings when there isn't a person, lizard, or inanimate object to get these thoughts out to. They're also, technically, uh, private, so enjoy your little bit of voyeurism.

Some basics you should know, in case, I dunno, we're all incinerated and somehow this is the only thing that survives. It's unlikely, but you never know. I'm Gaspar. I travel with a handful of... few months ago, I'd've called us mercenaries, but, you know, the ethical sort. Now I guess I've got to submit to the romanticism of it. Adventurers. Sounds a little better than.... vigilantes? Is that what we are? I'm not using the H word, we destroyed a deity and fuck knows what other shit we've fucked up.

Anyway, uh, this is just going to be, I guess, my thoughts into the ether. Don't expect too much in the way of context. I like talking too much and saying way too little, it's a penchant, I guess. Might clarify some things, but for the most part, well, I'm writing this

[Experimenting with using this for my PCs campaign journal.]

This isn't a real journal entry, this is an attempt to sort out the formatting. Got it?