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Welcome to my site!

Heyo! I'm Harbor, and this is my ongoing web project. One day, maybe I'll even be done with the formatting and just get to writing and putting my other work here! Or not. As you can see, it's currently under quite heavy construction. I wasn't happy with the old direction, so on to something new!

Don't expect this to have one super specific theme. I need a place to really act as a hub for my interests and I suppose I've given in to the idea of a website that's just a tad chaotic as a result! Some of what you can probably expect to see here, though, is TTRPGs, creative writing, digital art, and the occasional blog posts on topics I find interesting and important, like queerness, identity, neurodivergence.

left-hand sidebar. 'new posts' or updates, maybe? this one will probably load in from JS/be the same across all pages
central chunk. Body text. For main page, this will be an 'introduction to me and my interests'.
right-hand sidebar. I'm not sure what I want to do here but I want one. probably also will load in from JS