Hey there, I'm Harbor, and this is my website. I got a decent ways with it and then realized I hated the aesthetic, so I'm shaking things up again. Whoops. Feel free to explore but the coding is definitely broken on most pages now. I'm going to get this to a state I like it if it kills me!

If you like TTRPGs, general roleplaying, OC rambles, maybe you'll like this site! Once it's...uh....readable?



TTRPG Index is nicely formatted, just getting through more descriptions now!


TTRPG Index is up here! It's not entirely organized but it should be working and readable.


Reorganized and updated the main TTRPG page, linked both it and the index as it stands (which will still go under editing but is useful in it's current state). Also added a new highlight for Sentinel + Sanctuary on the TTRPG page.


Tidied up the current styling for the main pages, getting to work an overhaul of pages, urls, organization!


Decidedly slapping a new under-construction sticker on this guy while I wrangle some things!


Slowly but surely, working on the
library section of the website! I'd like it to hold basically all of my creative projects - gallery of my OCs, which will link to more in depth character pages....and their fiction, etc. It's still a mess!


Updated the To-Do page! I've got a lot of plans and they mostly involve, for now, restructuring things to make more sense as I expand! Alas, I'll have to stop for now because I have ten hours to write a paper. Ciao!


Added two stories to the library page. Probably going to have to seriously rework the 'campaign' section because I decided to just put my Gaspar (campaign PC) stories in the library, haha.


Added a 'Library' page, still content-free, but it's going to hold my fiction! The styling is mostly done, so it's visible in the sidebar!
I've also added a new 'Under Construction' section to the sidebar to show off things to come - pages that look nice and ready for content but aren't quite there yet! I like to show off my works in progress, haha.


All right! I've added the buttons for my pals who've made neocities since I've last checked in on here. I'm also working on an overhaul of the style/layout, but it's taking me a while to tinker so that won't be in place for a while. But I'm getting back into it!


Did it! Updated with the first HIGHLIGHT of my TTRPG Section! Check it out!

Decided I want a section somewhere for information on my hyperfixations..... oh dear.

Been busy as hell with finals, so I've been a bit slow! But I've been working on my 'campaign' section, which isn't too exciting - a lot of it is just my getting sick of my various character sheets and trying to put some of my PCs information on my website.... Hoping to get some more work done on the TTRPG index though, AND add some formatting for upcoming TTRPG reviews!


Continuing to slog through my TTRPG index, added a hit counter to the main pages for my own edification.


Entire TTRPG Index is formatted now, but I need to fill in all the information. Links are all there, but the 'content' and 'blurb' needs to be filled out. Adjusted some basic CSS for text readability.

Fucked around with formatting my TTRPG lists, found a method I like, did it for ... like three links and got tired. So it's a tomorrow project! But at least I figured out how I want it to look.


Mostly altered color schemes and updated some to-do lists, nothing huge... something 'off' that I don't know how to fix yet.

Added a playground page that's really just for me to test new ideas/get used to how things work


Realized how to make links open in new tabs... thank goodness.

Using JS to load the RSS feed of my new DreamWidth blog! Added the link to my Blog page, as well as the link to my FlightRising lair for any fellow derg hoarders!

Added JS loader for navigation sidebar! Fiddled with other things. :)


Overhauled layout, added social media links.


Updated list of TTRPG creators! It's actually sort of a site now!


Created site!