Tabletop RPGs - Harbor's Hub

While I have a blog, a personal 'about' and some of my own creative projects, this page and those it links to are really the main reason I created this website. I wanted a place where I could review, promote, and simply keep track of things I love in the realm of TTRPGs, particularly independent creators.

When it comes to TTRPGs, my own experience is still fairly novice. I've been a fan of games like D&D my whole life, but I haven't had the opportunities to play these games with people all that often. However, I've now been playing Pathfinder for a couple of years, have branched into some fun solo TTRPGs, and have gotten more and more acquainted with the wonderful community of folks who create their own systems, third party supplements, actual play shows, dice and accessories, etc. Writers, artists, performers, all kinds of amazing creators.

So, what I really want to do is highlight and recommend creators and their creations, but also to keep tabs on things going on in the community - such as, unfortunately, the current OGL fiasco with Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. I also have plans to catalog things that have caught my eye even if I haven't had a chance to test them myself yet, because it can be hard to keep track of all the wonderful games on different platforms that I want to one day try but don't have time, and I figure it doesn't hurt anyone if I put 'em up here with a little blurb, both for my reference and anyone else's, should they choose.


As of 01/09/2023, I haven't come back to a firm conclusion of how I'm going to organize this, or what I'm going to do wrt any D&D 3rd party products (though I know I won't be fully cutting them out. D&D 3rd party creators aren't the problem here). However, you CAN find the as-is database of all the various creators I've collected thus far HERE.

HIGHLIGHT! - Updated 1/09/2023!

My first highlight here was Sentinel, a Solo Journalling TTRPG. However, the creator is making a new companion TTRPG, Sanctuary - and is going to launch a kickstarter for a zine containing both SENTINEL and SANCTUARY! The pre-launch page is HERE, and you can be notified on launch! Highly recommend Sentinel and I can't wait for Sanctuary.

The first highlight is of this lovely Solo Journalling TTRPG I've been playing through called SENTINEL, by Meghan Cross. You can buy SENTINEL on! It's $7, and if you purchase it, there will be a community copy available for someone who can't afford it! Now, onto what I love about this game.

Sentinel places you as the solitary guardian of some place of great power or importance. All you need to play is a standard deck of playing cards (Including a joker), a set of polyhedral dice/online dice roller, and something to write with/on (I used the website novella as it provides a lovely minimalist interface for typing, but I also recommend writing by hand if you can!).

What Sentinel does is provide prompts, for you to journal your time as this guardian. Reflect on times past, confront threats. The prompts are elegantly written and don't constrain creativity, and the work put into the game pages themselves just reflects on the beauty of this game.