So, this will be my resources page. I'm considering splitting this up into subpages/sections, but for now I'll just still be storing any links I really want to share here in a list! Breezewiki. This website makes Fandom-run wiki pages readable! It's very useful. You can just put in a wiki link and it'll do some magic!
Only downside is that I think you're still thus technically generating traffic to the Fandom pages, in lieu of other wiki alternatives - but they do in fact promote a site that IS a wiki alternative -

Miraheze!. THIS website is a wiki alternative, it's devoted to being ad-free, and anyone can make (or request!) a wiki for free. From what I can see it's mobile friendly, and also uses 'mediawiki' which is what Wikipedia uses! It also has extensions! I haven't doven too deep yet but it looks really cool!

For anyone who wants to dive into pathfinder 1e, may I recommend....
d20pfsrd?! It's much quicker to load than something like roll20, and it's literally everything Paizo's written about PF1e. For free! Detailed and with a pretty good search function since...yeah, it's complicated. It's pathfinder! You can also find a lot of PF1e, PF2e, and Starfinder information on Archives of Nethys - however, personally I find the formatting a lot more difficult to comprehend and navigate. Still, it's openly available!

123 Teachme has saved my LIFE with regard to spanish verb conjugation. I love it because it is free and very simple to load. And because I'm taking Spanish and I need verb help all the time

To-Do list, copied over!


I want a resources page, but I'm still not sure if I want multiple, or to have one main one that branches into varying subjects, so I'll figure it out.
  • Well, decide on the above question, haha
  • If I split by topic, I may have different stylings for each subject.
  • The subjects I know I want to collect resources on are: Creative Writing, Campaign Creation, Mental Health, and Misc Internet Helpful...things? This list will probably grow.
  • I want it to be pretty simple, just a link collection with a short description of each resource.