Things to do - for the Library.
  • Style the main Library Page (and all individual posts) to be thematic to the campaign but also pleasing and easy to read.
  • Create drop-down tabs to separate format such as a tab for journal entries and letters (might separate these), for more standard prose, and for...anything else?
  • Proof-read any actual entries before adding them. please. for the love of god Harbor
  • If there's a music player code you can find, or ask buddies for help, maybe add one with some various ambience tracks. NO autoplay.
  • Ditch the 'written in character' thing for stuff that isn't the actual writing entries - we can do that elsewhere, have a spot for some IC Gaspar stuff
  • Consider including dropdown tabs for other characters, other worlds, or else have a separate library section (page) for other worlds?
  • Add a navigation bar under the header rather than a sidebar along the side. Provide a link back to the main homepage, what else? Other artsy stuff?