[Under Construction]

How Strange....

Your surroundings have shifted to the muted, yet myriad tones of an urban center. The sort of atmosphere that, despite the author's distaste for autoplay elements, feels like it ought to be accompanied by the sounds of footsteps, shouting, cart wheels and gods know what else.

This is clearly a city; one sprawling radially across the land, butting up against the mountains to the west. There is industry, there are shops, there are places of respite and pleasure and most certainly vice. It has not, as it happens, been taken by the Eternal Worm.

[The following pages are a sort of off-shoot of the general world of this website. They are 'in-character', or, in the case of the pages that are not written from the perspective of a specific character, 'in-world', at the very least. It should be noted that this world is not of my design: I am a player in a Pathfinder campaign, and have been looking for another creative outlet to deal with the oodles and oodles of inspiration that can't always be tamed by a session of the game itself. ]

In "Journal", you can find a dated collection of writing that I've done throughout the course of the campaign as journal entries from the perspective of Gaspar DeSaul. I may go back and write some retroactively for his time before meeting the party.

In "Letters", you can find a collection of - well - letters, written to, and from, Gaspar; but only those written by me, since I don't plan to share the writing of other party members unless they'd actually want to be here. For the most part this means his letters to the party while separated, to friends or family, to loved ones.

In "Alchemy", I will be working on in-character recipes and notes on his various forays into alchemy. From formulae for potions and 'extracts' to investigations of specific magical items, this focuses more on the flavor/lore of his particular magical skill and interest rather than mechanics.

In "Travel Notes" I would like to write some environmental experiences. Likely not from the perspective of literal notes/letters/journal entries, but third person prose of his experiences across the continent or extraplanar adventures.

I may add more sections later, but for now this is what I have planned. Most of these pages are currently still fairly empty.