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Whoa, a person

I'm having too many identity crises to nail anything down here, but oh no! I want to write about myself! What's a guy to do?

You can call me Harbor. Or Morgan, that's cool too. Maybe I'll unlock some other ones if I put more work into this site.

This may not be, uh, a carrd, but hey, I can still overshare if I want to. It's my party! Still, I'm pretty sure I have more sense than some of what crops up online. Soo. What do I care about a handful of people knowing about me?

Not much, actually, but I'm writing this more for my own enjoyment. Doesn't actually really matter who sees this. Anyway, what do I want to know about myself? That's a weirder question. And harder to answer.

Well, I'm trans. What flavor, exactly, remains to be seen. Can't get to be too much of a guy before I'm like whoa nellie. Except on the days where I can't be enough Guy (tm). And I'm never a gal. Except when I am, but god forbid I hear myself thinking that.

Point is, good luck when it comes to pronouns. Nah, you're fine: He/Him and Ze/Hir are always safe bets. I don't mind They/Them, but I'd prefer the other two.

I'm a nerd. The kind of nerd that loves a lot of things but isn't an expert in any of 'em. I have the fun flavor of ADHD that renders me a dumbass about any topic, including the ones I'm passionate about. Doesn't stop me from enjoying them though, and the field is...broad. Goddamn. Always hated those "Likes/Dislikes" things cause I can't even narrow down my faves. You know that whole "were you a dinosaur kid, an egypt kid, or a knights/dragons kid?" and whatever else? I was definitely all of them at once. Still am, actually.

Stuff I know shit about? Uhh. I'm pretty handy with language, specifically the one I speak (English). I'm good with etymology and I find linguistics fascinating, but it's slow going getting proficient in another language. Doing my best with Spanish.

I've got some stored up knowledge from the days before burnout, mostly about Greek/Norse myth, D&D 3.5, and Adam Lambert (the guy who's still for now touring with Queen, but he's so much more!).

What I love is, foremost, writing and roleplaying. All forms. I'm not GOOD at all forms, but I enjoy 'em all. Mostly. Probably the only thing I've loved since I was a kid and actually stuck with as a hobby. So, hence the TTRPG focus on here. I really enjoy prose RP though, and while I don't think there's much I can do to like..implement that here, given the nature of the sites, I probably will get up some OC information for funsies. Unless the fear of being percieved strikes a little too hard, which is very, very likely.

So, yeah, that's all for now. It's not exactly organized, and it probably won't be, because if there's anything I'm really bad at, it's communicating concisely. Ask anyone! But I got no one to complain here, so I'll ramble all I like. Ciao!